At The Reach Academy we strive to make education a stimulating and personal experience. Our classes are small by design thus enabling us to truly understand the needs of our students and individualize our program to maximize student potential, success, and confidence. We offer an ambitious academic program and strive to make learning meaningful for our students. Our curriculum is designed to reflect the needs and interests of our students as well as societal trends and concerns. We want our students to be active participants in their learning and independent, curious thinkers. Children work both independently and in group situations so as to maximize opportunities for social interaction and communication.
The Reach Academy is vitally interested in the development of the whole child. In addition to providing an individualized and challenging academic experience, we also offer art, physical education, music, world language, and computer classes.
All classes are taught by New Jersey State certified teachers. Teachers regularly attend workshops and/or in-service programs to further their knowledge in the areas of their specialties and stay abreast of current trends, new academic programs, strategies, and techniques.

The success of our program can be attributed to the following:

  • Small class size
  • Differentiated instruction based on student needs and learning style
  • Dedicated and caring staff
  • Challenging curriculum
  • We promote the academic, social, and emotional growth of each child

Teaching The Whole Child

The Reach Academy seeks to motivate and foster the development of the whole child by providing a wide array of learning opportunities. In addition to an ambitious and innovative academic program, The Reach Academy offers numerous enrichment classes including music, art, physical education and world language.

Music and Theater

Music and Theater are an integral part of the curriculum at The Reach Academy. Preschoolers begin by singing a variety of songs that encourage language development and a love of music. Elementary students learn about rhythm, tempo, melody, musical notation, and learn how to play the recorder and the violin. Middle school students study music appreciation and learn about composers.

The entire student body performs in a musical production every school year. The music department also offers students the opportunity to join the school Concert Choir. This group of children performs in all school productions as well as in the community. Our Concert Choir has performed at The Hermitage, at a local Veteran’s home, and has even auditioned on Broadway!


Computer technology is a vital part of our overall program. The Reach Academy seeks to provide a state of the art education for all of its students. Classroom teachers integrate the use of computers into the regular classroom setting and maximize technological opportunities for learning. Each student beginning in the upper elementary grades has the use of a personal computer or laptop in the classroom. Lower grades utilize desktops and iPads.


The art program at The Reach Academy allows students to express themselves through a variety of media. Preschoolers work towards improving fine motor skills and learn about color, shape, and texture. Elementary students gain awareness of depth, shadow, and perspective through drawing and painting. They experiment with color and enjoy making prints, collages, sculptures, and working with clay. Middle school students gain an appreciation of art by studying art history.

Physical Education and Health

The physical education program seeks to improve motor skills, encourage physical fitness, build self esteem, and foster teamwork and sportsmanship. Younger students learn group cooperation and improve motor skills through obstacle course, relay races, and games. Elementary students develop the pre-requisite skills for various sports and work towards improving levels of physical fitness. Middle school students enjoy competing in sports such as basketball, floor hockey, flag football, and baseball. Our students also take part in the Presidential Fitness Test, a nationwide program that encourages and celebrates physical fitness.

World Language

The World Language program begins in preschool and concentrates on acquisition of the Spanish language and on exploration of the Spanish culture. Students build vocabulary and conversation skills and are introduced to Spanish music, holidays, foods, and customs.
In later elementary, students transition to French language and customs. Their understanding of Spanish provides a solid foundation for instruction in French.
The Reach Academy is excited to use technology to supplement our language instruction. Younger students use the “Skoolbo” app on our iPads to learn Spanish, while the older students use DuoLingo to practice their French.

Field Trips

Field Trips are an excellent opportunity to enrich a child’s learning and The Reach Academy takes advantage of our great location to utilize all the area’s resources, including

  • Papermill Playhouse
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Liberty Science Center
  • Crane Historical Museum of Montclair
  • Clifton Public Library
  • Meadowland’s Environment Center
  • Bronx Zoo
  • The Cloisters
  • Museum of Math